Christmas Tree Earrings


4mm faceted beads ( red, green and crystal clear)

11\0 seed beads gold and green

6\0 seed beads gold

Beading needle


2 ear wires


This Christmas Tree Earrings are easy and fun to make. It will not take long to have something pretty for your party.

Complete instructions for making the ‘Christmas Tree’ earrings are available on my etsy.  These diagrams are only intended to show the color combinations.

Thread your needle with 1.1m of FireLine. String a green bead, 2 size  6\0 gold seed beads and a red 4mm bead. Go around and back through the first 2 beads. Pull the thread leaving a tail 6-7cm.

String a 6\0 gold seed bead, 4mm bead(color red) and 1 more 4mm bead (green). Then, string a 6\0 seed bead. Go up through the pair of beads the thread just exited. Then go down through the next pair and through the 6\0 seed bead and green bead just added. Pull the thread.

String a crystal clear 4mm bead and a seed bead size 6\0. Go up through the seed bead and 4mm bead. String a new 6\0 seed bead. Go through the next 4mm bead, 2 seed bead and exit the thread through the next red 4mm bead. Pull the thread.

Using the same method build a triangle according to the diagram. Exit the thread through the top seed bead. String 8 seed beads size 11\0. Pass through the seed bead the thread exited again and go down through the next pair of beads.

String 5 seed beads size 11. Go around through the beads as shown on the diagram. Exit the thread through the red 4mm bead.


String 7 seed beads size 11/ 0. Skip the next pair of the beads and go up through the next 4mm bead and then, go around through the pattern exiting the thread as shown. Pull the thread.

Repeat the same method to decorate every level.

Secure and cut the thread. Thread your needle with the tail. Secure and cut the tail. Attach the ear wire to the earings.

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