How to make a Tassel earrings


Tassel Earrings



      • Machine Embroidery thread 100% polyester (sew-ology) or coats;
      • 1 strand of iris thread;
      • clear coat;
      • pair of wire cutters;
      • pair of pliers;
      • round nose micro pliers;
      • scissors;
      • scotch tape;
      • thin winding board;
      • thick sewing needle;
      • beading needle;
      • 2 jump rings.

Tassel Beaded Earrings

 To make a tassel you need very thin Machine Embroidery thread 100% polyester only. Not the cotton. The thread must be as thin as our hair and have a silk consistence. You also need a winding board. I used a lid off a wooden box which is 3 3\4” wide. So, tassel will be 3 3\4” long.

Tape the end of the thread to the board.

Wind thread around the board in taut loops 200 times. Tape the end of the thread and cut the thread.

Do the same one more time on the other side of the board, tape and cut the thread.


Use a thick needle placed under the thread as shown. Thread your beading needle with matching color of iris thread. Go under the strands.

Loop back and go under the strands one more time.

Pull it tight. I divided and marked the board in half on both sides. The tie should be right on this line.

Make a square knot.

Using a clear nail polish put a little drop on the knot and let it dry out.


Repeat with the second tassel.
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Turn over the board.

Using a very sharp knife cut both strands right in the middle.

Cut off the ends of the iris thread on the top.

Fold the tassel in the half. Cut a new piece of iris thread about 6” long.

Make 2-3 taut loops around the tassel. Tie a square knot. Put 2-3 drops of the clear coat. Let it dry and cut it.

Open a jump ring. Pull the rind through the loop on the top. Close the jump ring.

You can gently brush the tassel, then straighten the strings using your hair straightener. It will take 2-3 times with low temperature.

Repeat this with the second tassel. Use your sharp scissors to cut the straight bottom line for the tassel. If you’ve done everything correct there will not be a lot to cut.