Customizing and Beautifying Your Watch Band

There are many types of electronic devices around us today, but I still love my classy old style analog wrist watch.  Only with a little addition – I would like to make them more custom looking. I’ve decide to decorate it. Continue reading

Bracelet with Beaded Cups


  • 4 size 8mm Sw pearls black
  • 32 size 4mm bicones black
  • 64 size 4mm bicones crystal
  • 8 size 4mm SW pearls bronze
  • 11\0 seed beads black\silver
  • 2 bead tips
  • Clasp

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Silky Beads Projects

If you want to create something new using silky beads I can give you a little vision of what it might be.

Silky beads have a square shape, size 6×6 mm. It is a pressed glass bead with two parallel holes drilled diagonally through the side of the bead.

Silky beads may be look similar with Miyuki Tila beads, but they are not the same. Continue reading

Simple Beaded Bead

There are many different types of beaded bead projects. My goal was to create a bead I can use with a leather cord. It should be empty inside with a hole for stringing on the cord. I used them for decorating a necklace. Continue reading

Christmas Tree Earrings


4mm faceted beads ( red, green and crystal clear)

11\0 seed beads gold and green

6\0 seed beads gold

Beading needle


2 ear wires


This Christmas Tree Earrings are easy and fun to make. Continue reading

Seed beaded chain

Designers and their work give you great inspiration. You want to create something similar.  The first steps are the most exciting but can be confusing. You have to understand how the pattern works and why the size and shape of beads are so important. It can be difficult to make the first step if you do not have any experience. First you should explore every little detail of beading and then create something new. Continue reading